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Our company has been in the business of oil and fat processing for more than 100 years, and we have been sending our oil and fat products to markets throughout the world to provide good taste. We would like to tell you about our new oil and fat for plant-based foods, that we are looking at for the next 10 years. The social environment has gone through big changes, including the diversification of food. The food that is indispensable in our everyday lives, including of course good tasting food, is closely related to the environment through the raw materials of the food, as well as its production and sales. We believe that we have entered an age in which these kinds of things are required as good tasting foods that satisfy people’s palates. Eating might be more meaningful if we take the global environment into consideration. By proposing new value to the world of food, we hope “botanova” will be of help to those who provide food that requires diversification.

General Manager
Planning Department, Food Division Masanori Shida

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